....Fight Cancer With Awareness.

I Mrs pasha lost my only son AMAAN SHAH(11 YRS)  due to this deadly disease of cancer as we couldn't detect it in its first stage. The loss of a child is the most painful experience ever for a mother or parent. My son was a bright, active, well behaved, lovable child who lived a very bright but cruelly short life due to late diagnosis of cancer. Despite using all available resources, consulting the best oncologist, my efforts my education and deligence in looking after my kids i couldn't save his precious life.. with an intention to minimize the trauma faced by parents of cancer stricken children I as a mother feel responsible to try and make each parent aware of childhood cancer and its early detection.. The early detection of cancer can be initially done first by parents and then by your general doctor or physician you go to. As parents and general physicians play a major role in dectecting early cancer. And that can be done only when parents are aware of some general symptoms and can comprehend them to their general doctors. Usually we relate cancer with Adults and oldage.. but when it comes to children or teenagers, no one can ever think that their child might be a victim of this dreadful disease..But,


And today i am here to explain you why i want to give my time, energy and money in a cause to save young lives. My son has changed my life to its core... just with in very two months my whole family my world was shattered and we could do nothing but just hoped things to get better...but things used to turn still more traumatic and so quick. My son who was so young still in the world of videogames have seen nothing in real life and was not able to make sure what was going on with him inside and outside of his body. A boy who used to cheer the whole class and teachers.. just suddenly stopped and forgot smiling..and I hoped and wished to see just one old smile of his.. I could never do justice to his STORY but definetly can continue his story by doing good things in his name.

Cancer is a evil disease, sickning and dark and the children who face it are super heros..The Birth Right Of Every Child..Can be Stolen By Pediatric Illnesses..And my Mission is to restore the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when life threatning or lifelong illnesses like cancer were diagnoised.

Every One Is Uncertain About Future.... A young child or a teen with cancer will have his life paused to fight... what will probably be the biggest battle that they ever faced. All this and knowing only too well that they are battling for a future that may be cruelly taken away from them. Facing death...instead of bright future.

  The focus is always on adult cancers, however children get cancer too and childhood cancer awareness is often missing. THE EARLIER THE CANCER IS DIAGNOISED THE BETTER THE OUTCOME...HUGE CHALLENGE IN INDIA IS TIMELY DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT.

Cancer in children and teenagers can be hard to recognize initially as the symptoms can be similar to common childhood illnesses or injuries, hence "Awareness" of its symptoms could be "Lifesaver". Awareness and timely action can result in saving many a precious life because an early start (even by a few days) in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer gives the child a tremendous advantage in fighting this dreaded disease.

Cancer is the third leading cause of deaths in India and according to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute survey childhood cancer accounts for 3-4% of all cancers out of which70-90% cancers are curable. Each year nearly 50,000 new cases are detected and 50-60% of children die of cancer due to late diagnosis and also because of economic constrains. This survey also indicate that 14 out of one lakh boys and 9 out of one lakh girls are attacked by cancer (i.e, 1 child in 10,000 children).

Although advances in medical treatment has extended the overall 5 year survival rate of cancer stricken patients but the severe lack of Awareness of signs & symptoms of the disease is resulting in the loss of young lives due to late diagnosis.

DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER IN CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS IS A LIFE ALTERING EVENT... for them as well as their families. for many parents it is like a death sentence for the child... but let me make you clear that Yes.. no child should get cancer but if unfortunately your child happens to get it.. Detect it in the initial stages.. of course it is very difficult to detect.. and so it's very important for every parent to be Aware of its signs and symptoms.  

In and around cancer we find the most amazing people (even though they say they have no choice but to be amazing). Also in and around cancer you learn the most profound lessons...You become better..No doubt.. cancer brings the best in people. It might sound silly but My experience did wonders for my spiritual development and motivated me to start this mission to support children and teenagers with cancer because i know it is an area so desperately underfunded and so very different from Adult Cancer.

   Many of the kids you meet in the oncology ward may die or may's true...but i think that is no reason to look away. You will meet parents who grieve for their child, but know they did everything they could and gave their kids a beautiful life.

AMAAN SHAH my son was born on 18th march 2002, he came like a blessing to me..very healthy..very active..and very calm..ever smiling and cheering every one around. once at the age of 4 he got very high fever and had to be admitted in the hospital and it took nearly a week to go back home. His malaria and typhoid tests showed negative and the cause of that viral fever was unknown. It was thought to be some viral fever. It took nearly 2 weeks for him to get back to his health. That was the only instance when he was admitted in the hospital. He grew up in all very healthy environment with healthy food and good hygine. He was very intelligent though not very serious in academics. Very silly and naughty.. he used to love cheering people around him with his silly acts and talks.. and enjoy. Never ever he used to get serious.. He loved to help me around at home. for me he was much of a friend than son..and then came my little angle. Amaan loved his younger sister a lot. My family was just perfect with lots of love around...and i always used to pray for the well being of my kids.. 18 March2013 he got 11 years and to my knowledge my son started showing some symptoms which i took it much simpler, as he use to have sinusites, his breathing discomfort was thought to be because of that. we also referred to an ENT specialist and also investigated it through X-Ray..and was continued on sinusitus prescription. one night in the month of march he got severe stomach ache as doctor was not available in the city he prescribed a pain killer. next day we took him to a general practioner.. he said might be a pain of mild food poisining. And then small issues like constipation, vomitings due to indigestion were seen that too not regularly. other than those issues he was very active instead hyper active with good appetide. He used to accompany me on long walks, used to do cycling and play X-Box at a streach for a long period of time. Never ever he used to complain of tiredness. One day he reported a severe leg pain but was again misunderstood as the same day he has fallen from steps. Then again one fine day he got a stomach ache and that made me a little concern as my sister also noticed a change in his walk. After returning back home after vacation i took him to his pediatrician as that day he reported a mild stomach ache..and got an Ultrasound done and the reports said intersusseption, got a C-T Scan done and was immediately admitted for surgery. That day was my little angles birthday june 11th...and hearing there was a mass detected in his intestines was like a thunder strom falling.. That whole night we four of us were in the hospital. Very next day 3hours long surgery was done and he was admitted in the hospital for nearly 23 days. The surgeon said Amaan might be having tuberculosis. A very large tumor mass was send for biopsy...and reports came to us as it was lymphoma while we were still in hospital.. After the surgery it took 20 days to know it was cancer...His right leg schiatic nerve was also involved because of which he had lot of leg pain. His leg pain was not taken seriously, surgeons and physicians said it might be a bed pain as he was in hospital for a long time. After the surgery he developed may be swollen lymph nodes and Dr.'s thought it as apses and did needle aspiration.. though they knew he had lymphoma. And last but not the least the pathologist had spoiled such a large amount of mass by not preserving it properly. There was no mass tissue left to confirm which lymphoma my son had. This all took place in vishakapatnam, India.

After his first battle very soon i took my son to Hyderabad Apollo cancer hospital and reffered Dr.Srinivas Chakravarty. As it was not confirmed which lymphoma Amaan had, a number of surgical biopsies and tests were conducted. All pokes, cuts, wounds... on his neck..stomach..back... and upon that the sciatic nerve pain. by that time he also started facing breathlessness and night sweats. By the time it was confirmed he had BURKITT'S LYMPHOMA, it was one month passed he had his surgery. From june 11th till august 12th not even a single day my son slept peacefully for more than an hour. He was also kept a chemo port and for intrathecal a reservoir. First chemo was given and due to his sciatic nerve pain Second chemo was also given a bit early.This was his second battle.

After second chemo his leg pain subsided and the worst of all battles came his last battle..severe mucosites, nausea nearly 15-20 vomitings per day..was not even able to drink any thing. Aminoproteins were administered through IV..and bilurubin levels started to rise. my son became severely neutrophilic.. E coli infection..internal bleeding started ,nearly more than 20 watery blood stools with blood clots each day continued for 10 days..drops of blood from urinary passage .. bilirubin levels started triggering.. multiple blood transfusions..urine output became less.. lips were cracked and blood used to come.. My Son used to see all that blood coming out of his body and without a drop of tear from his eyes said, "Mama i think i am getting serious ,will you forget me if i depart from you." He could see himself getting serious. His eyes turned yellow.. stomach destended.. thrombocytopenia..he started loosing hair, that night after second transfusion of fresh frozen plasma and vitamin k injection he complained severe stomach pain.. his ECG was normal itseems.. He was once again not taken seriously and was not shifted to ICU for observation,although his room was been booked in ICU. That night nurse had given him an injection for pain.. HE CLOSED HIS EYES AND DIDN'T OPEN. Doctors said it was perforation..septicemia..bradycardiac arrest.

  I used to keep special day care and night care nurses not to clean and help my son but just to give him medicines on time and for observing him 24*7 as most of the nurses were very neglegent. I took all measures that my son should not get any home and in the hospital room..but despite of my son's struggle for hope to see my son's little 5 yrs old daughters husbands pain and struggle... The monster has gulped my son..And left my whole family and his cousins in pain.

I don't want all our efforts to go waste, specially MY SON'S... I want to get strong with my emotions and lead for a good cause. What my whole family has faced.. i wish and pray Almighty no parents and children should face that. well its all Almighty's command but still our efforts can make a difference.

  AND So i plan to open a foundation on my sons name for cancer children..were my effort will be..THAT all parents should have a little concern and a little fear that childhood cancer also exist and among lakhs of kids, there kid could also be a victim.. " SO BE AWARE.. "

i do have issues about his treatment plans with different Doctors and nurses as India still needs to improve on a lot of logestic issues though they have good Doctors, but somewhere i honestly feel.. if i would have detected it in a much earlier stage.. i think i would have saved my son.. and so is my effort to make sure all parents should know about cancer and its early symptoms.

Presently i just have emotions, dedication, commitment and some sources.. I need a slow and steady head right direction.